What's an easy way to update my style???

This is a common question from all women - new moms, women re-entering the workforce, empty nesters and anyone just feeling like they are in a “style rut”. I would say one of the easiest ways to update is with a new denim silhouette. Skinny jeans have been kind of a fashion staple for a while but try a wider or straight leg, crop flare, or bootcut jeans for a more updated look.

A note about what these styles are: bootcut (fitted through the legs but flared at the bottom) is great for curvier figures as it balances you out. A crop flare style has a flare at the bottom so it's perfect to show off cute shoes but also works if you are more petite in height as well. Wide legs are wide all through the leg and a straight or boyfriend style is a baggier or roomier fit too. 

Higher-waisted jeans are now trending (not everyone is a fan though). The most important thing is to find a pair of jeans that you love that fit great and are comfy. Then try adding a blazer and graphic tee or a pretty blouse and cardigan paired with a cute bootie or dressy sneaker. 

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