What's with all the 90's and 00's trends resurfacing???

I see all these trends from the 90’s coming back … what’s up with that and should I have kept all my old clothing??

Well, we can thank Gen Z for bringing these 90’s trends back lol! No really, fashion usually follows a 20-year cycle - meaning that trends circle back in that time frame. So now we are seeing the early 2000’s trends of cargo pants, ballet flats, and poof skirts coming back too. Hard to believe but early 2000’s are now considered vintage! But typically, when these trends are brought back they are redone in a fresh way so pulling out your old jeans from 1998 is not going to work. (also do we really want to wear those again??) But you can take inspiration from these trends and adapt the ones that can work for you like ballet flats, shoulder pads etc. Remember that there's always a trickle down theory - those Gen Z girls will embrace some trends literally while others can take the idea and incorporate some of it. Example - long denim skirts are trending: Gen Z might wear them to the ground, low rise and very fitted. I like the idea but will try an A line midi style. 

Speaking of vintage, what is the sudden fascination with it? 

Well, again we can give a lot of the credit to our Gen Z girls, as typically they are very much vintage (and thrift) lovers. Since vintage clothes aren't mass-produced - they are eco-friendly. Plus they are a great way to express your own sense of style instead of looking like everyone else. And since they don't have the same markup as new clothes, they are wallet-friendly. Vintage shopping can be a great way to find fashion bargains and save money which all of us love! Celebrities love a vintage moment which adds to the trend’s momentum. I personally think it’s great to see well-loved styles from the past seeing a resurgence and being worn in new and fresh ways. I love vintage and in the store we have lots of vintage pieces - some that are from our closets and some that are created just for Lily Claire. 

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